About Us

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Our philosophy here at Chia Naturally Healthy is simple. .


With the ever growing market of fast food on the high street, we’re here to prove that you can eat out & treat yourself without compromising on your health & wellbeing.

By using fresh whole, organic plant foods lovingly made by nature & hand not machine, we ensure the nutritional value of our food & drink is at its highest. Our bodies thrive from natural, seasonal foods & this in turn creates harmony & eliminates dis-ease in the body.

We’re free from many unwanted allergens & nasties such as dairy & refined sugar but never compromise on taste using an abundance of fresh herbs & spices in our cooking that also offer medicinal properties.

We’re forward thinking here therefore aim to provide a healthy, sustainable & ethical environment for all to enjoy by not only focusing on our food but the environment we create also. Such as using toxic free paints & cooking materials, natural cleaning products & biodegradable take away packaging.

At Chia you will always find an extensive menu filled with enticing smoothies, juices & alternative drinks of the most up to date finds. Not to mention a wholesome nutritious breakfast, brunch & evening menu. We have something for everyone & have a stunning view over The churchyard & the nostalgic Hitchin market square.

There are no strangers, just friends we have not yet met. We look forward to meeting you.

The Chia team